Distract The Kids With A Holiday P-art-y!

My, aren’t the children just full of energy at Christmastime? It’s so charming and maddening. Children who do not have an outlet for all that nervous energy can find ways to entertain themselves that may not be in their–or your’s –best interest. What begins as a fun time can quickly turn into a stressful, noisy event that leaves you promising yourself never to do it again. To throw a successful children’s party and avoid misbehaved children, make sure to have fun activities for the kids to do complete with tasty eats and drinks. The children will have a grand time and you can enjoy the festivities, too. Here’s a Christmas-themed art party idea that will keep all your little guests focused–and maybe just a little distracted…   [photo via flickr]


Since this is an art party, any type of materials that kids can use to be creative will work.

  • Washable markers
  • Water-based paints
  • Crayons
  • Glitter, or glitter pens
  • Cotton balls
  • Colored paper
  • Scissors

To make things easier, choose a couple of Christmas pictures like a Santa hat or stocking and cut them out before guests arrive. Allow them to decorate the pictures any way they choose. You will be amazed at how quiet the kids become when it is time to get down to work. They will have a blast comparing ideas and making their works of art.


Once all the children are finished with their art projects and it is time to let all the glue dry, it is time to eat. If you get everything organized before the guests arrive and have the help of other adults during the party, serving the children should not be too hard. Focus on green and red foods so the presentation fits the Christmas theme. Things like red velvet cupcakes, spinach dip with tortilla chips and strawberries with whipped cream are a hit with kids. Decorate the food table with a red and green tablecloth and add some Christmas ornaments for a festive display.


If you still have some time before the end of the party, games are a great way to keep kids occupied and out of trouble. Keep the games simple so children of all ages can play. “Santa Says,” for example, is played just like the classic game of Simon Says. The person up front is “Santa” and begins the game by saying, “Santa says.” He or she then gives commands for the other kids to follow like, “jump on one foot” or “take one step forward.” As long as Santa says, the players are fine. If they complete a command and the person up front didn’t say, “Santa says” that person is out.

 Wrapping Up

At the end of the party, hand each child a gift bag full of goodies to commemorate the event.