Kids and Cell Phones, is This Technology Necessary?

Should kids have cell phones

Should kids have cell phones? Although this seems like a debate, in my daughter’s circle of friends, it really isn’t – the answer is, “of course!” I will say, her having a cell phone has been a positive experience for us both. I feel better knowing I can reach her when she is at a friend’s house or away with friends at a park or with them at a family outing. In fact, she uses it to let me know when there is a change of plans. Like last weekend, she was at a friend’s house and they wanted to walk (about 3 blocks) to another friend’s house. She called me to let me know what they wanted to do and then asked me if it was okay that she go. Could she have called from her friend’s house phone? I’m sure, but this was just so much more convenient.

I admit, our cell phone bill is steep – with all the lines we have on our account (we have 5) and a house phone would be much cheaper.

I don’t think there is a ‘right’ age. My daughter, who is now 11, got a cell phone when she was I think 7, simply to make it easier to talk to her father (we’re divorced) and she has never lost or destroyed her phone. My sons, on the other hand, are ages 7 and 8 and just got a cell phone. They share the phone and all it does is make calls and text, no internet or anything fancy. This is because I know they are not responsible enough yet for anything more.

As with anything, there need to be rules put in place. My boys are only allowed to call/text the people who are listed in the phone’s address book. My daughter knows she is not to be on her phone chatting texting all day/night long. She also knows NO downloading unless cleared with me first.

For us, having cell phones works. Do you allow your children to have cell phones? Why or why not?