Seven Tips for Keeping Resolutions

keeping resolutions

With the New Year comes a flurry of new resolutions. While a lot of people make resolutions every year, less than 50 percent of the people who actually make resolutions actually achieve them. Why? Keeping resolutions is tough. There are a lot of things that can throw your new goals off track so here are 7 ways you can fail-proof your resolutions. There are a lot of things that can throw your new goals off track so here are 7 ways you can fail-proof your resolutions:

Keeping Resolutions:

Write it down: A famous quote by Steve Maraboli says: “If you have a goal, write it down. If you do not write it down, you do not have a goal—you have a wish.” Write your goal down and post it where you can see it. Hang it on your bathroom mirror, put a note in your wallet. Look at it and see it every day.

Set reasonable goals: There is nothing wrong with dreaming big. In fact, I think dreaming big is important. If we don’t set goals high enough, we’ll never progress. Dream big. But set reasonable goals. Setting a goal to be a contestant on American Idol when you can’t carry a tune in a bucket is not a reasonable goal. Choose a goal that you truly believe you can actually do.

Be specific: When you set specific goals it’s a bit easier to follow through because you actually have a goal. No: “I’m going to be healthier this year.” Yes: “I’m going to healthier this year by taking a walk after dinner at least 5 nights a week.” Bam. You know what you are going to do and how often.

Set a plan: Most worthy goals require a little work. Take a half hour or so and sketch out a plan to meet your goal. If you want to save up for a vacation, break down plan into 12 months. How much do you need to save each month to make your goal? Make a list of ways to save money or earn extra money and keep it where you can see it.

Get up again: When you get knocked down, get back up again (and now that song will be stuck in your head all day too…). You are going to mess up. It’s going to happen but you can’t let it derail you. My husband set a goal to not eat any sugar (candy, cookies, soda etc.) all year in 2014. One time he accidentally took a drink of my daughter’s pop thinking it was water totally wigged out! But, he didn’t stop. He chalked it up to an accident, a little mistake and kept going. He made it the entire year without eating birthday cake, cookies, ice cream etc. One mistake does not a ruined goal make.

Have a buddy: Trying to accomplish a goal alone is not only depressing, it’s also pretty darn hard. So find a friend or family member to help cheer you on. It’s especially helpful if you can find someone with a similar goal. You can even join groups online that will connect you with accountability buddies. Do it!

Reward yourself: Don’t be skimpy on the reward either. If you really want to achieve a goal give yourself a good reward. For example: If your goal is to stop drinking soda for a year, reward yourself with a new purse or a trip to the spa at the end of the year. If you want to lose weight, reward yourself with a shopping spree when you hit your goal! Having a prize makes everything more fun.

 How do you plan on keeping resolutions?

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