Katie Holmes & Suri Makes News In Bobble Hats!

Nobody ever makes a big fuss over us when we go off to the supermarket with our kid while we’re all wearing matching sweatpaints. Once again, we’re not sure whether to be glad or jealous about that. Consider that  “matching bobble hats” is probably a big Google search now, and just because Katie Holmes threw on the same winter hat as her famous kiddie Suri. (Did you know that Suri is her child from her marriage with Tom Cruise? It’s true!) We don’t even think the hats really match. In other breaking news, Suri was holding a stuffed animal of some kind. Katie still seems to be doing well, even though she was walking around before the final production of her Broadway show that closed early over poor ticket sales. Katie can still take comfort in how the New York City paparazzi love her–and lil’ Suri, of course. Maybe the producers should’ve just created a Broadway show called “An Evening with Suri” and let the tyke ramble on for 90 minutes onstage each night. By the way,  you might have noticed we didn’t tell you what kind of stuffed animal Suri was seen holding. Now you have to watch the video to find out…