Setting Up Your Teen With A Self-Employed Business

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Teenagers are old enough to start living without an allowance, but between their schedule at school and all their activities, they may not be able to find the time to commit themselves to an after school job. It is especially hard for teens to get quality jobs as they don’t yet hold any kind of diploma. Perhaps now it is time to think outside of the box. Short of encouraging them to set up a lemonade stand outside your house, there are ways for your teen to make money with the time they have doing what they love to do.

The Expense of Teenage Years

Being a teenager is expensive. Most teens are already thinking about college and how to get there. Others are working on getting their first car. While every single one of them want to have time to see their friends, go out and buy the clothes and entertainment they have been pinning for. Instead of relying on you, the parent, to provide all of those things, give your teen a sense of worth for the hard earned dollar. Before you say, “go out and get a job” have a heart to heart with them. Discover what your teen is passionate about. Discuss what they would like to accomplish with their business besides making money. Once you have established these goals with them they can begin to pursue and entrepreneurial career. Here are just two jobs for teens ideas. Even if these aren’t ideal for your child, they will give you both an idea of what to aim for.

A Party Business

Everyone likes a good party. If your teen loves children, but isn’t necessarily enthusiastic about taking care of them, then running a party business might be just the thing. The party industry has exploded in the past few years. Parents are willing to pay entertainers to come in dressed as their child’s favorite character out of books, movies or television. Most of the time all your teen would have to do is dress up, stay in character and play! If you’re teen wants to go above and beyond, they can create games, activities and events so the parents hosting the party don’t have to do a thing. With a good website and some networking, your teen could be making as much as four hundred dollars a party.

An Online Business

Chances are, your teen spends a lot of time on the computer already. They know how to work social media and have a pretty good idea of what people like to buy. Now is your teens chance to get rid of all their old stuff by selling it online for a fantastic value. All they have to do is set up an eBay account, take some awesome pictures of their things and start promoting. It would like some organizing but hopefully they’ll get come cash and clean up their room for once.

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