New Mom Jessica Simpson Tweets Her Weight (Watchers) Loss!

She’s probably the most famous mom currently trying to shed the post-baby weight–and Jessica Simpson recently showed off the results via Twitter! The former pop princess says that she’s now lost over 70 pounds since giving birth to her son Maxwell. We’re all very happy for her, but we can’t say that we had much sympathy when the famously batty songstress was talking about how shocked she was that her pregnancy pounds didn’t just all disappear after childbirth. Jessica seriously seemed baffled at the idea that she was going to have to work off the weight. Fortunately–for her–Weight Watchers was there with a lucrative endorsement deal. This picture is even from the set of the Weight Watchers commercial that Jessica finished filming yesterday.

To be honest, we’d all probably have managed to have lost 70 pounds with a lucrative endorsement deal. Nothing personal, Weight Watchers, but we’d have taken the money and hired a personal trainer and snuck in a few Hostess snacks. The company’s about to go bankrupt, you know. We don’t regret a single Twinkie. Well, Ho Ho’s, really. Anyway, here’s Jessica showing off her boots and her post-baby body. She’s posing with a lot of gals, and at least one of them is a professional stylist. If we had a professional stylist, we could probably look like we lost 50 pounds.