This Celebrity Kid Is About To Have A Celebrity Sibling

Subtle as ever, Jessica Simpson decided Christmas Day was the best time to announce she was pregnant again. The pop-diva-turned-reality-show-star told everybody via Twitpic, as she posted a pic of her 8-month-old daughter in the sand beneath the words “Big Sis”–and captioned, “Merry Christmas from my family to yours!” It wasn’t really a well-kept secret, though. A lot of sites way more gossipy and cattier than we could ever be have been saying for a while that Jessica was pregnant, which at least gets her out of her Weight Watchers commitment. We’re just happy that Jessica will get to eat again–and that her Struggle Against The Career-Ending Post-Pregnancy Weight Gain won’t be taking up tabloid headlines for all of 2013. Pregnant women gain weight, and not all of us have personal trainers. Or money being held in a Swiss bank account by Weight Watchers if we lose a set amount of pounds within a six-month period. Anyway, here’s a video that has the whole story of Jessica’s big announcement. They’re pretty breathless about it, too…