Jessica Simpson Is Pregnant, Stylish, and a Little Confusing… [VIDEO]

Well, here’s some good news. Jessica Simpson is “glowing” while promoting her Jessica Simpson’s Girl’s Collection in North Carolina. And here are a lot of pics of the pregnant starlet who some people think was pretty smart to get pregnant again, since it helped her avoid meeting her Weight Watcher commitments. Me-ow. But we’ll actually concede that we really like the maxi dress that Jessica is sporting in this video. We wish we’d had one like that while trying to look fashionable during our own childbearing months.

We’re less fond of the chatty reporter who sounds thrilled that Jessica doesn’t look pregnant at all, and is thrilled with Jessica’s claim that she’s not trying to gain “too much weight” during her pregnancy. It’s okay to gain weight during your pregnancy, right? And we’re kind of alarmed to hear the narrator inform us that Jessica’s outfit is a “frock from her own line.” Isn’t it called the Girl’s Collection? We’re hoping that the guy got that wrong. Anyway, check out the glamorous life of a pregnant celebrity who isn’t gaining too much weight. Whatever that means…