Easter Jellybean Carrots! (Martha Stewart Gets On Our Nerves With This One)

martha stewart easter jellybean

We have a good life here at ModernDayMom. We don’t sit around and pine to be a Captain of Industry like Martha Stewart. It just really gets to us when we go through our video and find Martha really slacking off on camera. We’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with Martha Stewart’s idea for making Jellybean Carrots. We’re just saying that we’re pretty sure that we could have figured this helpful hint out on our own.

In fact, here’s the quick pitch: Go to your Baking or Pastry section in your supermarket and find the triangular bags that are used for pastry design. Most any store has them. Take the triangular bag and fill it up with orange jellybeans and tie it nicely at the far end with a piece of green yarn. Voila! You have just made a Jellybean Carrot! It’s not that difficult. We’re not sure why it feels like Martha Stewart is just mocking us on this one. We feel patronized.

And we’ll do Martha Stewart one better here, too. Take a look at the video and see Martha marveling at how we now live in a world where you can buy orange jellybeans in bulk. Yes, that is true–but moms who live in a big metro area (or a tourist trap like Manhattan) can also run off to their M&M World store and just as easily buy orange M&M’s in bulk! How’s that for a twist in your Jellybean Carrots, Miss Corporate CEO?

In fact, we just discovered you can buy bulk orange M&M’s right at Amazon! Seriously, here’s a link! And that brought us right along to orange Gummy Bears, and some orange Fruit Sour Balls. Those are all good ideas, too. So we won’t be offended if you need to watch this video and have Martha Stewart walk you through this high concept. We know people trust Martha more than they trust us–but we would be embarrassed if we were on camera acting like this was some kind of genius…