Inexpensive Home Ideas To Help Spruce Up Your Space

inexpensive home ideas It happens to all of us. At some point, you look around and realize that your home is looking a bit dated. Maybe your house no longer looks cheerful or you realize that your front door is no longer inviting. Whatever it is, there is an inexpensive home idea to help you spruce up your space. Here are our top 10 favorites that are not only easy on the wallet but also easy to do.

1. Your entryway

First impressions count. Make your entryway fmore inviting by painting your front door a bold color. Even simply adding a shiny new doorknob or an engaging doorknocker can spruce it up. To add extra zing, put plants on either side of the door. Use either contrasting or complimentary pots for the plants.

2. Ceiling light fixtures.

Hardware stores such as Home Depot or Lowe’s carry a variety of budget-friendly light fixtures. You’ll be amazed how much more cheerful a room can look when light fixtures that were in-style several years ago are replaced with more modern versions.

3. Cabinet hardware.

Simply replacing cabinet doorknobs and handles can bring a whole new look to a kitchen or bathroom. Hardware stores offer a wide variety and you can find even more choices online. You’ll find items that range from classic to modern to whimsical.

4. Throw pillows.

Replace tattered or faded throw pillows with boldly patterned new ones. Try mixing an assortment of shapes and fabrics. Throw pillows are actually more interesting when they don’t match.

5. Drapes.

The quickest way to spruce up a room is to replace old drapes. If your current drapes are dark, you’ll want to replace them with something lighter colored or more sheer. Use colorful, whimsical tassels to tie them back. Alternately, you can replace drapes with inexpensive shades, such as roman shades or natural bamboo style shades.

6. Get rid of clutter.

Over time, you’ve probably kept adding items to a room. Get rid of things you don’t use or no longer love. A clean room always looks larger.

7. Sofa covers.

You don’t have to reupholster in order to get a new-looking sofa. Sofa covers offer an inexpensive way to cover up stained, faded, or simply ugly sofas!

8. Fragrance.

Pick a smell that you like—vanilla, cinnamon and gardenia scents are generally crowd pleasers. Place candles, sachet bags and scent diffusers around your home for a clean smell. Alternately, you can bring a clean smell to rooms using a scent machine such as ScentWave from or automatic spritzers such as those from AirWick placed in strategic locations.

9. Plants.

Bring the outdoors in with plants and flowers. Live plants bring a sense of calm to a room. Even simply putting a single flower in a bud vase brings instant color and punch to a room.

10. Mirrors.

Strategically placed mirrors can add a sense of depth and space to room. In addition, they can brighten up a dark space by adding an enormous amount of natural light. Try to hang a mirror directly where the sun comes in to add appeal to a small room.

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What are some of your inexpensive home ideas?