Valentine’s Day is For Library Lovers!

february 14 Library Lovers Day

February 14th isn’t just for lovers. It’s also for Library Lovers. By which we mean that February 14th is National Library Lovers Day, where you’re supposed to be reminded of how much you appreciate your local library. And shame on you if it just got you remembering your wild days in the university library. This is a time to remember how you’re not using your local library nearly enough.  [photo via flickr]

People have forgotten about all the things that make libraries so wonderful. From book and movie rentals to reading programs and much, much more, the library offers its users an educational, fun resource. Did you know that your tax dollars go to funding your local public library? Not taking advantage of all that a library has to offer, especially if you have children, seems to be a waste of all that money. Moreover, fostering a love of books and reading helps children become better students. They are happier, more confident and are apt to become successful adults after leaving school.

We’ve compiled a list of activities you and your family can do to take full advantage of your local library.

  • Get a library card for yourself and your child. Visit the library regularly and spend a decent amount of time there. Your child will love browsing the books and will look forward to exchanging old books for new.
  • Join the programs. Look for an events calendar or ask the librarian about the age-appropriate programs available. Many libraries have several programs geared toward kids of all ages – even babies and toddlers!
  • Check out several books at once. Take them home and read them. Spend time reading together as a family or reading to your child at bedtime. This is a wonderful activity that really helps kids grow a love for reading.
  • Join a summer reading program. Encouraging kids to read over the summer helps them stay ahead of the game in school. Kids tend to backslide a little during the summer months and reading helps them stay on course. It’s also a good way to beat the summer boredom blues. Many libraries offer incentives for continued reading over the summer, so check it out at your local library.
  • Check out movies and TV shows free. The library has a wide array of movies and TV shows for rental – for free. Don’t spend money on movie rentals elsewhere; let your child pick and choose from the selection at the library.

The next time you find yourself with a bored child on your hands, or those video games are just driving you insane, gather the kids in the car and head to your local library. The library may not come to mind when you think about fun activities for your children, but you’ll be surprised at how much they enjoy spending time there.