How to Save Money on Back to School Fashion

back to school fashion

Ever wonder when you step out of the store after purchasing your kids back to school clothes, how in the world you did you spend that amount of money? School clothes can be expensive, however, you can skip that the full sticker price, save money, plus get great clothes. It may be a bit of work, but it will be well worth it at the end.

Do a Closet Inventory

Before you set off to shop, do an inventory of what you kids have in their closets already. This will give you and idea of what they really need for clothes and what they really don’t need. The clothing that your child already has can also be refashion by adding sequins, paint or even patches. Give it a new updated version of their favorite clothes.

Shop Second Hand

This is definitely a favorite for me. I normally go to thrift stores, but you can check out consignment shops, yard sales and other places that may be selling second hand clothes. These are places that you can definitely save money. Yes, the clothes have been worn before, but if you are not squimmish of that, then you will be able to get great deals and tons of clothes that are in good condition and even clothing that may still be new. Thrift stores and consignment shops are way below retail prices, plus they have great deals such as getting a certain percentage off on certain days or certain colored tags. Yard sales are even better because you can negotiate on how much you want to pay with the seller.

Shop the Clearance Racks

After school has been in session for about a month or two, this is a great time to do back to school clothes shopping. The latest fashions will then hit the clearance racks.

Shop Throughout the Year

As the season changes, new clothes appear and the old clothes will go on sale. If you shop throughout the year, you will be able to catch the deals that may or may not be listed in your local sales paper. Department stores will start to put there items at discount prices just before their new items comes in.


How do you save money on back to school fashion?

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