Smart Organizational Tips for the Kitchen

how to organize your kitchen

The kitchen is known as the heart of the home.  It turns out that we have a very dirty heart. Everybody must know, too, since it seems that there’s constant traffic going on all the time there. We don’t know about your own kitchen, of course. You seem to have a good heart. Still, in case you need it, here are a few smart tips for organizing your kitchen…  [photo via flickr]

Sort and Purge

Get rid of anything you do not use or that you have more than one of.  Donate it, sell it, or throw it away.  If you don’t use it, it shouldn’t be taking up space in your kitchen.

Replace or fix things that do not work.  Most likely, if it does not work, you are not using it so it do not let it take up space.

Frequently used items should be stored in easy to reach locations.


The counter is the primary workspace in most kitchens.  It needs frequent cleaning and should be free from clutter.  Clear the counter by finding another place for things that do not absolutely need to be there.

Clean as you go

This applies while organizing the kitchen as well as while using the kitchen.  Cleaning a little bit at a time makes it easy to tackle the chore of cleaning the kitchen.


Phone calls, mail, and homework all lead to paper in your kitchen.  Have a system in place for all this paper by creating a paper sorting center.  Have bins for recycling and trash and a space to write to keep paper tidy.

Create zones

Using baskets, cabinets, and other containers when setting up the zones can create not only a useful but also attractive space.

  • Storing like items together makes it easy to find what you are looking for.  Store related utensils near the area where they will be used.  Some suggested zones include:
  • Food prep – cutting boards, knives, measuring cups, measuring spoons and mixing bowls
  • Cooking – pots and pans, spoons and spatulas, and pot holders go near the stove and oven
  • Baking – measuring cups and measuring spoons, mixing bowls, dry goods like flour and sugar are stored together in a convenient spot
  • Serving –  serving dishes, trivets, tableware, and napkins, should be placed near where you sit down to eat
  • Cleaning – dish pan, gloves, cleaners, detergents, sponges, and towels should go near the sink and dishwasher