How To Keep Your Entryway Clean During Spring (And Other Wet Seasons)

How To Keep The Entryway Clean During Wet Season Spring

Rain season can put a damper on our spirits for a variety of reasons–but perhaps the most notable reason is all the cleaning that needs to be done in the entryways or foyers of our homes. If you already live in a rainy climate, you may already have a few tricks on how to keep the welcome mat clean. We still have some tips and ideas to help you clean that area up and prevent future messes from happening!  [photo via flickr]

Switch To An Absorbent Welcome Mat

Don’t let rainwater or mud get tracked into your home. Place an absorbent welcome mat right at your front door. If you have a backyard and children who love to play outdoors rain or shine, you may need to get two welcome mats for both entryways. When shopping for the right absorbent welcome mat, be sure to look for one that traps water and dirt, has a no-slip backside, and comes in a dark color like black or deep brown. We’ve had great luck with some really inexpensive carpets that we’re happy to throw out every few months.

Keep A Courtesy Bucket  Next To The Door

Encourage your family to take off their rain boots and galoshes right at the front door before placing them in a large plastic bucket. This should help prevent mud tracks and children slipping on floors. At the end of the day, be sure to wash or rinse the boots and let them dry on a separate mat. Clean boots are a must for families.

Get A Screen Door or Storm Door Installed

If you love the feeling of warm weather–but you don’t want to open your windows–a screen door provides an excellent solution. Ideally, you’ll get a screen door for the front of your house, but if you live for the outdoors, you may want to get one for the back door too. A good screen door allows the feeling of fresh air without all the rain and bugs.

Remove Carpeting From The Entryway

Dirty and soiled carpets are hard to clean up, so you may want to consider re-doing the entryway floors with anti-slip and rainproof tiles. Ideal solutions include durable ceramic porcelain or mosaic tiles. Both options are smart choices for areas that see a lot of wet and rain. You can also add a doorway rug right in front of the entryway to prevent extra moisture from tracking into the home.