Declare War On Junk Food–With Sneaky Tips! (Those Are The Best Kind!)

Okay, so this morning, we had to pack our kids an extra snack for an after-school event, and we realized that his usual protein bar had nuts in it–which is strictly forbidden at school–and so we panicked and grabbed a package of Pop Tarts. They were Brown Sugar Cinammon Pop Tarts, though. Surely that’s the healthiest of Pop Tarts. Anyway, we felt all bad and everything, and then decided that we deserve to sit through this new Kissters video on How to Help Kids Grab Good Food Instead of Junk Food. And we have to admit that the Kissters have some pretty good tricks in here. In fact, some of these ideas are almost deceptive. That’s our favorite kind of parenting trick! We’re ready to heartily endorse this video as one that’ll pay off from a quick viewing time–and you know that we’re pretty protective of our viewing time. Sadly, the Kissters don’t take the time to say something like, “Don’t buy Pop Tarts to keep around the house so you’ll be lazy when it’s time to keep your kid from starving after school.” They probably figure moms already know that kind of thing.