April Fool’s Day Party–Since This One Falls On Spring Break!

april fool's party s

Who doesn’t enjoy playing a little trick on their favorite people on April Fool’s Day? Kids especially get a kick out of tricking their parents and friends, so why not make a party out of it and really get ‘em good? Thanks to an early Easter, this April 1st is falling on a Monday when a lot of kids are out of school. This is the year to throw a party full of craziness that the kids won’t forget any time soon.


Start the party off right with invitations that are just as crazy as the day itself. Create a normal-looking invitation, but before you place it in an envelope for delivery, cut it up into several puzzle-shaped pieces. Place the pieces in the envelope and send it on its way. Another fun way to invite guests is to send out invitations with another holiday’s theme. Use Christmas themed invites and write at the bottom, “April Fools!”

Party Attire

See just how crazy and imaginative your guests can be by asking them to wear crazy “costumes” to the party. These costumes aren’t your typical Halloween variety, though. These costumes take imagination and thought. Tell your guests to be creative and come in outfits as outrageous as possible.


Skip the balloons and streamers for this party. They just won’t do. This party is all mixed up, and the décor should be, too. Use “Wet Paint” signs in various places throughout the party area, and place an “Out of Order” sign above the toilet. Caution tape is a fun way to mark off areas that you don’t want the partygoers in. Turn photos on the wall upside down and place things in the wrong rooms (kitchen appliances in the bathroom, etc.)

Fun Foods

There are a thousand different fun, disgusting-looking (but yummy), crazy food choices for this party. Here are a few:

  • Bake a kitty litter cake – disgusting to look at, very tasty to eat.
  • Serve jello in plastic drinking glasses complete with straws to fool guests into thinking they are getting a glass of punch.
  • Cut small holes in the side of apples and insert gummy worms.
  • Make punch that includes gummy bugs frozen inside ice cubes.
  • Have crazy straws on hand for drinks.
  • Serve dog food dip in a dog food dish.
Games and Party Fun

April Fool’s Day is all about “getting” the ones you love. The games for this party are crazy, tricky and just plain fun. Here are some suggestions:

  • What’s Wrong With This Picture? – Have guests take turns looking around the room and finding all the things that are wrong (you have to have decorated as described above for this game to work).
  • Gather a bunch of random, obscure objects on a tray. Have guests spend 30 seconds looking over the objects and then take it away. Have them write down as many things as they can remember.
  • Truth or Fiction – Let each guest take a turn at stating either a true fact or something he made up. The object is to see if the other guests can figure out if it’s true or not.
  • Silly String Fight – There isn’t much else that’s as fun as a can of silly string. Give each guest a can and let them go at it. It won’t take long, but will probably be the highlight of the party. If the weather is nice, you may want to conduct this game outside. (And make sure that the Silly String stays away from any open flames. Yep, it’s flammable.)
Gift Bags

Send each guest home with a bag full of goodies they can use to keep the pranking fun going (whoopee cushions, hand buzzers, etc.)