How To Handle Bullying


Bullying is a trend that has plagued us for generations in school and it seems that there really is no end in sight. We as parents sometimes feel like we have to sit back and just watch the light leave our children’s eyes as they tell us about their day at school. It’s a sinking feeling knowing that all you can do is grab your children and hug them. Offer them a safe haven at home that they should be also getting at school.

It is often said that children have one chance at learning. One chance for each grade. Once chance to take everything they can from it because they will continue to grow. For them to add bullying by their peer or peers onto their education results in lowering of grades, focusing on other things besides school and growing positive relationships with those around us. What can we do as parents to help cut down on bullying in our children’s life as well as teach them to cope with the sadness and insecurities it brings about?

Teaching Your Child About Bullying

A first step to take when it comes to bullying is teach your child how to handle situations better. By offering positive affirmations when your child does well when problem solving you can teach them to communicate better with you and their peers.

Build Self Esteem

You as a parent will play a key role in the child’s opinion of themselves over the years to come. Compliment them and tell them regularly that you are proud of them. Allowing a child to know you cherish and love who they are will help them to continue to maintain and grow good qualities.

Control Your Bullying

This can often be a sore subject but it is important to note that how you treat your child in front of others is how they will think others should treat them and in turn allow themselves to be treated in the same manner. Be a parent to your children but also take note that bullying them in front of others and their peers may lead to them allowing more bullying. Be stern but try to save the main portion of “Getting in trouble” for the home.

Be Helpful

It is vital that you help others, allow your children to see you help others and spend time encouraging them to be helpful towards others. This is great for those parents who have children that bully as well as those who are being bullied.

We have to work together to stop bullying amongst kids and adults. Be the example to them each day by doing as you expect them to do. Treat others around you how they should treat others. Bullying is a dangerous heart wrenching fact of life. Don’t be afraid to speak up for your child to the schools and others in charge. Work with them and be clear on your expectations. This is a cause we must all stand together to stop.

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