How to Clean Pet Hair Off Your (Well, Their) Furniture

how to clean pet hair off furniture

Owning a pet is a big commitment filled with responsibilities. Kids are pretty fond of them, though. So are some moms, so we make time for trips to the veterinarian and making sure that the animal is fed and walked daily. We also end up with furniture covered in pet hair–sometimes because of the pet, but often because of the children who play with the dog or cat before rushing over to lounge on the couch. [photo via flickr]

One way to get rid of dog and cat hair is by weighing it down. Start by wetting the palm of your hand and pressing down on the pet hair. The hair will ball up and stick to your hand.  When the hair is wet, it becomes heavier. Thanks to static electricity, the hair won’t be able to stick to surfaces now that it weighs more.  Another way to clean pet hair from furniture is by using a damp sponge. Take the sponge and rub the fabric and upholstery with it. The fur will roll up into clumps, so all you’ll need to do is pick the hairs up by hand.

Another way to clean pet hair from furniture is by putting on a latex glove. With your gloved hand, rub the surface. The pet hair will stick to your glove. To increase this method’s effectiveness, dampen the glove.  Similar to the last suggestion, inflate a balloon.  Once you do that, proceed to rub it across the surface where the pet hair is.  The hair will be drawn to the static from the balloon.

Velcro curlers can remove dog and cat hair too. Curlers with a metal inner form work best since they can bend to reach corners.  Like a lot of these other procedures, rub the Velcro curlers onto the furniture. For really stubborn hairs, rubber brooms work well. Their bristles will combine with static electricity so that the pet’s hairs are attracted straight to the brush. Tape is another fantastic way to remove cat and dog hair from furniture. Just wrap the tape around your hand with the sticky part on the outside.  To remove the fur, tap it against the surface.

One more terrific way to get rid of pet hair is by applying fabric softener sheets. You can pick up pet hair simply by using the kind that normally goes in the dryer.  Fabric softener also works great with the other methods listed above.  All you need to do is mist the surface with a combination of fabric softener and water. This will help prepare the area before you start removing the hair by any of the aforementioned ways.

When making the decision to own a pet, we’re forced to take on a slew of different responsibilities.  What many of us don’t account for is all the wear and tear that will happen to our homes. One of the main problems pet owners come across is the abundance of hair all over the place.  Fur will find its way onto all of your treasured furniture. Thankfully, there are some tips and procedures you can use to minimize this problem.