How To Approach A Dog [VIDEO]

how to approach a dog video children

This video was recommended to us by the fine folks at GreatPetHealth, and it’s exactly the kind of thing that appeals to our paranoid nature. Or our motherly nature. Frankly, we’ve quit making a distinction. What we are making a distinction over is friendly dogs straining at the leash to say hello to our darling child, and evil dogs straining at the leash to eat our darling child. And, of course, dogs that are just frightened by our darling child and might respond way too aggressively through no real fault of their own. We’ve certainly done our time coaching our children on how they shouldn’t just run up to any dog. We’ve also done our time watching a dog approaching us while being walked by its owner as we worry if our children ever remember a thing we said.  [image via reddit]

This video–featuring Martha Stewart Living regular  Marc Morrone–is a great primer for both parents and children. In fact, we’re pretty sure this video will hold everyone’s attention. There are actual kids here learning how to approach a dog. That includes a teenager, which is really smart. It keeps the little kids from feeling like they’re being treated like…well, little kids. We’re not saying this video will (or should) allay all your fears, but it has plenty of tips that we’ve never thought to share with our children. Dropped a point for not adding in a shot of Martha being chased by a dog, though…