Tips and Tricks to Keeping your Kids Healthy During Flu Season

Keep Your Kids Healthy During Flu SeasonOnce my kids head back to school in the fall it’s only a matter of weeks before one or both of them is home throwing up or coughing their lungs up. It’s hardly a surprise that a school building full of children that wipe their noses on their sleeves, forget to wash up after using the bathroom, play on the playground and sit it close quarters is a breeding ground for the flu and other icky viruses.

While I enjoy cuddling and spoiling my little ones when they don’t feel well, it’s important for them to be at school and to have the energy they need to play. So I’ve looked around for a few simple ways to help keep kids healthier, especially during flu season.

Tips to keep your kids healthy during flu season

Help them get enough sleep:

Kids that don’t get enough sleep are cranky and focus less in school. Another downside of not getting enough sleep is a compromised immune system. Elementary aged kids should be getting at least 10-12 hours of sleep each night. Shut of the TV earlier, encourage them to read quietly, color or do a puzzle before bedtime.

You can help them get more sleep by keeping televisions out of their room and creating a cozy environment free form distractions like handheld games.

Keep their hands clean:

One of the best habits you can teach junior is to wash his hands before eating and after using the bathroom. Washing hands is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs. My daughter seems to touch everything. She trails her hands on the wall as she walks down the hallway, not the mention the desks, community school supplies and playground equipment she comes into contact with on a daily basis. Yikes! Scrub it up. You could also toss in a small container of hand sanitizer for your kids to use in the classroom.

Get plenty of fruits and veggies:

Keep your little one’s immune systems roaring at full blast by making sure they are eating plenty of fruits and veggies and getting the vitamins they need. Their little bodies cannot work to fight off germs if it doesn’t have the energy or the antibodies to fight off the cold. Plenty of Vitamin C can help ward off icky germs so grab an orange.

Get vaccinated:

I’m a parent who believes fully in getting my babies immunized, especially if it’ll help keep them healthy. Kids, pregnant women and elderly adults are especially susceptible to the flu virus. You can help prevent or at least reduce the severity of the flu by getting vaccinated.


photo credit:  istockphoto