How Can Mattress Overlays and Air Mattresses Improve Aged Care Facilities?


air mattress for better sleep

At an aged care facility, you often see inmates with restricted mobility. In the absence of mattress overlays and air mattresses, these patients are at higher risk of developing pressure wounds and bedsores.

Lying down for extended periods can damage an older adult’s sensitive skin if proper care is neglected. Air mattresses and mattress overlays are ideal for the aged who lie in one position for long stretches.

These provisions are designed to reduce pressure on the bony body parts of the person lying on them. It is the constant pressure that ultimately leads to ulcers, which do not always heal.

Prevent the Onset of Bed Sores

When an aged person lies in one position, the bones on their body apply constant pressure on the skin while pressing against the bed’s surface. The infected skin eventually becomes inflamed, leading to bedsores. If left untreated, deep pressure sores infect the underlying muscle and bone.

To proactively keep potentially dangerous pressure sores at bay, ensure the beds in your aged care facility are equipped with mattress overlays and air mattresses. These provisions successfully reduce pressure by distributing the person’s weight evenly over a wider surface area.

As prolonged bed rest is a common phenomenon among the elderly, relieving the pressure needs immediate attention.

Aged Care

With gel, air, water, foam, or a combination of these substances, mattress overlays are meant to improve circulation and increase comfort. Durable air or inflatable mattresses also serve the same purpose as you can customize their firmness, eliminate sagging, and consequently avoid back pain.

The aged residing in care facilities greatly improve their quality of life by lying on beds with an air mattress and overlay. You can do justice to caring for your aged members by proactively investing in these useful provisions.

Their innovative features allow the elderly to sleep more fitfully as there is no fear of epidermal damage like sores, rashes, etc. The friction resulting from infected skin rubbing against bed sheets and clothes worsens these sores.

The bony body parts particularly susceptible to pressure sores include shoulder blades, elbows, hips, spine, tailbone, and heels.

Benefits of installing a mattress overlay and air bed include:

Improves Blood Circulations

As the patient sleeps on such provisions, there is no pressure exerted on typical points on the body. As a result, blood circulates better, and the person feels refreshed.

Convenience and Comfort

Being lightweight, these add-ons are convenient to set up in your facility and offer immense comfort to the aged user.

Alternates Pressure Points

Because of the inside air, the person lying above can comfortably alternate positions thereby, shifting pressure points. This ease in movement does not allow for stiffness or painful bedsores to develop.

Allows the Body to Maintain a Comfortable Temperature

When the body gets too hot while sleeping, it does not allow for restful sleep. The aged need a relaxed setting to feel at ease, and this is when the cooling provisions of the mattress play their part.

Create a conducive environment for the aged in your care by sourcing the highest quality and suitable equipment from a reliable supplier.