Make Your Own Natural Body Scrub

You don’t need to go to a spa or salon to pamper your skin, and you don’t need to pay tons of money to do it, either. Have you ever tried making homemade body scrub at home? Whether it’s for rough or sensitive skin or exfoliation purposes, making your own body scrub is simple, cheap and easy!

Salt Scrub

All natural salt scrubs are great for exfoliation on really rough skin, and will keep your skin smooth and fresh longer than any product you could ever purchase. All you need is coarse sea salt that can be purchased at a grocery store, a thick liquid like oil or honey, and a scent such as citrus or lavender. The scents can be from fresh fruit juices or oils.

Sugar Scrub

Another great scrub for exfoliation is a sugar scrub. The sugar scrub is a little easier on the skin, so great for those who are a bit more sensitive. First you’ll take organic brown sugar, which naturally inhibits bacterial growth. Then, add in a thick liquid, like honey. Lastly, throw in a dash of moisturizing oil, like olive oil, which will nourish the fresh skin under those dead skin cells that slough off. Like the salt scrub, the last thing you’ll add is a scent. Vanilla in a sugar scrub smells delightful, and for that you just add a little bit of vanilla extract.

Oils and Additives

The fun part to making body scrubs is that you can tailor your scrub for a certain purpose, and add nutrients and essential oils as you see fit. You can really take both the salt and sugar scrub recipes and use those as a base, adding anything that you’d like. For example, if you frequently get headaches before bed, add some peppermint oil to your scrub and wash your hands before bed. Peppermint is known to soothe headaches. If you’re stressed out with work, create a sugar scrub for the bath with lavender oils since those scents are medicinally soothing. Low on a certain vitamin? Buy a liquid form of the vitamin you’re low on and add it to your scrub. Opportunities are truly endless.

Don’t go to the beauty shop and purchase a high dollar body scrub when you can spend a fraction of the cost and make one tailored to your needs perfectly!

Will you try and make homemade body scrub?