Holiday Shopping: 4 Money-Saving Tips You Can’t Live Without


With Black Friday over and done and Christmas just around the corner, people are scrambling to find great deals to finish up their Christmas shopping. All is not lost if you didn’t get everything on your list the day after Thanksgiving — you can still finish up that shopping list without going broke. Here are four money-saving tips that will save you money as you spread that holiday cheer:

1. Send postcards instead of expensive holiday cards

Does anyone actually keep all the Christmas cards they receive? I know I don’t. Sure, I hang them on the mantle throughout the holiday season and enjoy the warm thoughts and well-wishes for a great holiday season, but once New Year’s has come to pass, they find their way into the garbage.

The cost of holiday cards has gotten way out of hand – at five and six dollars each, and the price of postage, it can cost you a pretty penny to spread your holiday cheer. Rather than dishing out a bunch of money on cards, opt for holiday post cards instead. Not only are they cheaper, the price of postage is, too! If you can, hand deliver your post cards to save even more.

2. Organize an awesome group gift

Buying gifts these days is expensive no matter how you cut it. It seems you spend a lot for very little these days, but by taking part in a group gift, you can do just the opposite. For instance, does your child’s teacher really need another #1 Teacher mug or ornament for the tree? Probably not. But, will Teach enjoy a $50 VISA gift card from the entire class to spend however? You bet!

Organizing a group gift where everyone pitches in $5 each enables you to give more without spending more.

3. Don’t stress over last-minute shopping

If Black Friday shopping wasn’t your thing, or you’ve just been too busy to finish shopping for everyone on your list, it’s okay. It’s not necessarily the early bird that catches the worm. Online retailers are hoping you still have some shopping to do and are willing to ship your gifts for free with a guaranteed delivery before Christmas. Stores are also betting on your late shopping by providing deals equal to or better than the ones they had for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As it gets closer to the holidays, the savings tend to get better.

4. Wait until after the holidays to shop

Seriously. If you’re doing your family Christmas after the actual holiday, put off shopping for everyone until then. Stores need to get rid of their holiday stock and discount almost everything for great savings. Also, many items get returned, so hit up the return shelves and sales bins for extra savings on products that were twice as much before the big day.

Shopping for everyone on your list doesn’t have to break the bank. Remember: you’re in control of your own budget and what you spend on others. With a little ingenuity and perseverance, you can still find awesome gifts for everyone without spending your life’s savings this holiday season.