Holiday Gift Guide: 6 Ideas For the Man in Your Life


Shopping for men, in my opinion, can be one of the hardest things to do. Let’s be honest: Their clothes aren’t as fun to shop for and then there’s that weird hobby (habit, collection, activity) that he does, which you only pretend to understand. So, what’s a girl to do?

Read this guide, of course!

From scented goods to gadgets and everything in between, this is a holiday gift guide for guys that your man will want you to read. Get your pen and paper, tablet, phone or iWhatever ready and take notes.

1. Scent-tastical

I must admit: I’m a sucker for a man who smells good. If you like your man to smell good without making you sneeze, get him a cologne you like. I mean, cologne he likes. A good one to treat your senses to is Gentlemen Only by Givenchy. It’s modern, light and sexy. (Added bonus: Snuggling in his neck is extra cuddle time.)

2. Munch-a-licious

If you have more of a “feed him and he will come” kind of man, then snacks are in order. Turn your attention to The Popcorn Factory. They have all sorts of treats to choose from, including snowflake pretzels, coconut snowballs, chocolate-covered caramels, almonds, peanuts, pistachios and much more. If there’s simply a six and a half gallon tin of popcorn that he’ll like, you can treat him to three flavors. (Frugal tip: Rather make this at home, purchase a holiday tin, colored cellophane, and his favorite goodies. Wrap treats in plastic then add everything to the tin with a special note or gift.)

3. Fun-ctional

Have a man who likes the functional, unusual or repurposed? Then click on over to You’ll find something for the geek and gardener as well as pet, art and music lovers. How about a set of math glasses featuring equivalent mathematical constants in addition to ounces plus expanded formulas? There’s the Chillsner set, which will keep his beer or favorite soda crisp and cold ‘til the last sip. Or the Aquafarm: a countertop garden and fishbowl, which creates a symbiotic ecosystem.

4. Hip-handiness

Maybe your guy is a DIYer. Keep him occupied with a two-section shelf unit in untreated solid pine from IKEA. He’ll get a kick out of painting, staining or both. Don’t forget your trusty, local hardware or home improvement stores where you’ll find the tool, gadget or stack of wood he’s been itching to get his hands on. If you need a little help deciding, Lowes has a Creative Ideas page and Home Depot has project how-to and gift center links.

5. Click quickness

Stalk deal-of-the-day sites, like Groupon, which offers discounted rates and gift certificates for products, clothing and outings. Take — or send — him horseback riding, zip lining, white water rafting or to a dinner theater, a show, dance lessons…just about anything you can think of. Be sure to shop early so you don’t miss out on a fantastic gift.

6. Show up-a-tude

Give him more of you…especially if he’s been asking. Sometimes the best gifts only cost a little time. Whether he wants to lay on the couch with you to watch movies, spend a little one-on-one in the bedroom or have you join him doing his favorite sport, activity or hobby — make yourself available. (Surprising reward: A stronger, happier relationship.)

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