Why It’s Time To Invest In A Night Nurse

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It is recommended that we all get at least eight hours of consistent sleep a night in order to function properly. Parents of newborns, however, can except to get way less than that on a regular basis. Many American women can’t get maternity leave, and it’s almost unheard of for a father to get paternity leave. So, even after a terrible night staying up with the baby, parents are still expected to get up and go to work. Work suffers, relationships suffer and the time spent with your child suffers, all because you didn’t get a good nights rest. With a good night nurse, however, you can finally get a decent nights rest and enjoy your time with your baby.

How it Works

Night nurses specialize in sleep depravation prevention. They come to the family’s home and stay up with the baby at night. The nurse is capable of feeding the child themselves or bring the baby to the mother is she is breastfeeding. If the mother bottle-feeds, then the night nurse can take care of feedings herself while mom and dad sleep peacefully on. Then the night nurse will comfort the baby between feedings and even take care of those dirty diapers for you. When there is time to sleep, the nurse will either sleep in the room with the baby or in a spare room you had set assigned for them.

These nurses can also be hired as twenty-four hour a day live in help. These professionals are capable of helping a family with everything from caring for your infant, to providing you with a parental education as well as scheduling for the whole family. The ultimate goal of their presence is to set up a healthy eating regimen and consistent sleeping patterns.

Better yet, they help take care of moms. They are there for any more as they go through their ups and downs of being a new mom. Moms have to have time to recover from their pregnancy and labor so these nurses monitor their nutrition, rest and provide quality time with their baby so the mother and her child can bond. Now you have an opportunity to get rest and even sneak in a shower while you have a trusted friend to keep you and your child well.

The Price of A Good Nights Sleep

A decent nights sleep comes at no small price. Depending on the experience of the nurse, how many children you have, and if you have gotten the nurse through an agency, you could be paying twenty to forty five dollars an hour. Most of the time, night nurses help new parents of multiples as a matter of necessity rather than luxury. An agency will also tell you if they have nurses who specialize in special needs children or premature babies. Still, for working parents, even one baby interrupting a good nights sleep isn’t an option. In fact, within the tri-state area of New York, a lot of families, single babies or not, have night nurses.


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