Presidential Monsters! They’re Educational!

presidential monsters f

This might be less of a Toy Review than a Toy Warning–although we’re pretty sure that Heroes In Action have stumbled on a way to interest plenty of kids in the American Presidents. The company sure better hope so, since the Presidential Monsters line seems to be the only product they have up at their website. It’s still a pretty fun idea. The company has come up with horrendous renderings of John F. Kennedy, George W. Bush, Abraham Lincoln, and four other Presidents. Lincoln is the only President from before the 1960s, but that’s okay. 1960 is ancient history to our kids. We’re still hoping that Heroes In Action will keep thriving long enough to eventually take on the challenge of a Millard Fillmore or a Grover Cleveland. You can visit the entire Mad Monster Political Party here, but we’ll get you started with a few fun figures…


jfk monster 1


ronald reagan monster 2


barack obama monster 3