How to Keep Your Heating Bill Low

keep heating bill low

When the temperature starts to dip outside, the heat will be cranked up higher to keep everyone warm. However, the more heat you use in the house, the higher the heating bill will be each month. If you can lower your heating bill that will certainly help free up money to take care of other bills or add to your savings. Here are some tips on how to keep your heating bill low and still stay warm.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your heating bill low this winter

Keep the temperature low and dress warmly

What is the point of heating the entire house when you are going to be in one area most of the time anyway? Wrap yourself in your warmest of blankets, put on a sweater or throw on an extra pair of socks to keep your body warm. Having a programmable thermostat can keep your house at a lower temperature while you are at work and at night while you are sleeping.

Use a space heater for warmth

Space heaters can be inexpensive to purchase and can be placed in any room that is used regularly. You won’t be as tempted to turn the furnace on while you are keeping warm next to a space heater.

Seal out the cold air

If you have an older home, you may be losing a lot of heat through the windows. Applying a window film on the windows can reduce the amount of heat loss. If you don’t mind investing in this quick home improvement diy, it will definitely benefit you throughout the winter season.

Clean the air filter

When you have a dirty air filter, the furnace will work harder in trying to push the heat through the house. A clean air filter will make the furnace work less and keep dust and dirt out of the air. Basic tune-ups every few years will help keep the furnace working in a good condition.

Go old school, use a hot water bottle

Place a hot water bottle underneath the blankets of your bed and stay warm while you sleep. You can even use a bottle of water that has been warmed up and wrap it in a couple of pillowcases and put it in your bed just before you lie down and you will have an instant warm bed.

Do you have any tips on keeping your heating bill low?

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