Hay Fever Survival Guide

hay fever

Summer is coming and you’re all geared up to enjoying it on vacations like hanging out on the beach, taking a trip to visit family and friends or just getting outside from being stuck in the house. Yet, once you’ve got your head wrapped around the warm days to come, you end up with hay fever and it just seems unfair.

You don’t have to be part of the 30% of the population that may be stuck inside when hay fever strikes, clutching a gift basket of hopeful relief from this nuisance. Here is your survival guide to coping with hay fever and pursue your months of summer fun.

Survival Guide to Hay Fever

Over the counter medications. Your local pharmacy will probably be your best friend, yet you can find much needed relief with an over the counter medication to help with the symptoms of hay fever. Most common symptoms for those with hay fever include: sneezing, itchy throat, nose and ears, blocked or runny nose and itchy and watery eyes. Continue to take the medication whether you need it or not as this will catch the hay fever symptoms early and stay on top of it.

Keep cool inside. When the heat rises outside, so does the pollen. Keeping the doors and windows closed and the curtains drawn will keep the pollen settled on the ground and the less chance of you breathing it in. Keeping your home cool will help control hay fever.

Vaseline may be the remedy. Everyone usually has Vaseline in their medicine cabinets and it is one of the best ways to keep pollen from entering your nose. Putting a bit of Vaseline under your nose or inside each nostril will prevent pollen to reach further inside your nose. This helps when you are going to be outdoors and breathing in and out through your nose.

Get a pollen filter. Driving can be unpleasant either when you have your windows down or the air conditioner on. Both of these ways can have pollen enter into your car without escape. A pollen filter is an effective way to keep your windows up and keeping cool air in while deflecting the pollen that is outside.

You’ve got to wear shades! Your future may be bright, but the shades can come in handy through the hay fever season. Sunglasses are a simple and effective way to keep pollen out of your eyes. It also gives you a good reason to purchase that cute pair of sunglasses that you may have been eyeing.

Down Fido! If you have a cat or dog, it is best to not pet them, especially when they have been outside. If you can’t get enough of petting your fur baby, then either brush their fur before they enter the house or wash them regularly to keep the pollen at bay.

How do you survival hay fever season?

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