Hand Sanitizer Time! Best Brands and Helpful Hints!

As cold and flu season swings into full gear, parents all over are asking the question, “Which hand sanitizer is the best to use for my child?” Washing little hands and disinfecting surfaces are just not enough to keep your child from catching that bug.  When you are out and about–or they are away at school–be sure to arm them with the defense they need against germs.  Here are some tips on how to choose the best hand sanitizers, and how to use them…

Brand Recognition

Purell is the #1 used hand sanitizer for home, work and school environments.  It is easily the most recognizable brand and is certainly effective in killing germs.  The smell may not be the most pleasant and it may leave your hands dry and cracked, but it does the intended job of keeping people from spreading germs by hand.  You can feel assured that this product is used in most hospitals, schools, restaurants and mother’s purses.


CleanWell hand sanitizer is a top pick for those who like to use natural products.  We all want to give our children the very safest and highest quality products.  This natural antibacterial hand sanitizer kills germs, but is also alcohol and benzalkonium chloride free.  It leaves skin soft and won’t sting cuts.  The scent is fresh and, although it may cost a bit more than other major brands, it will last longer than alcohol based hand sanitizers.  You can also feel assured that this product is not tested on animals.


Wet Ones are always the number one requested wipes in the classroom.  They are affordable, portable, easy to use and effective.  Little hands can easily pop the top of the dispenser open and choose a fresh wipe without contaminating the remaining ones.  The pocket Wet Ones are good for backpacks and purses too.


The convenience, varied scents and cute factor make pocket hand sanitizers so popular with both children and adults.  They are effective in killing germs, pleasant smelling and easy to store in backpacks and purses.  The kids love to put them in their little holders and hang them from their jean loops or bags.

It is important to note that hand sanitizers are not effective on dirty hands, so teach your child how to wash their hands properly to improve the sanitizer’s efficacy.  A good rule is to sing the ABC’s or Happy Birthday song twice before you rinse.  If you do not have a wash room available, use a baby wipe or wet cloth to wipe their hands before using hand sanitizer. It’s just another smart trick to stay healthy!