Guilty Pleasure Shows for the Summer

tvI’m a sucker for a good TV show. When my kids are asleep and my work is done for the day, if I’m not engulfing a good novel I’m on the prowl for a guilty-pleasure show. Here are a few of my favorite guilty-pleasure shows:

 Pretty Little Liars: Murder, mayhem and high school drama. It’s a tough one to beat. Every episode leaves me on the edge of my seat. Going into the fifth season we still don’t know who the elusive “A” is. This last finale left us with a main character down with a bullet wound, a few answers and a lot more questions.

 I’m a sucker for high school drama because it’s far enough removed from my real life that I can dig into the mystery without looking for monsters in the shadow. If you like a good mystery, you’ll enjoy getting wrapped up in this show. You can catch up on the first three season on Netflix.

Baby Daddy: This feel-good comedy is a lot of fun to watch. The show follows Ben as he adjusts to raising the baby his ex-girl left on his doorstep. Ben is likable as a dad and his brother Danny is seriously likable as eye-candy. Toss in a hilarious Tahj Mowry as their roommate Tucker, childhood girl-friend Riley and a Ben and Danny’s crazy mom and you’ll be addicted by the end of the first episode.  It’s a great Netflix binge show if you are looking for something lighthearted and quick.

 Glee: Don’t judge me, I’m a sucker for a good musical. And a TV show that combines music AND high school drama and it’s a sure win for me. The show follows a group of outcast Glee club members and their development into more confident teens with the help of a motivated teacher and each other. The big highlight is Glee’s remakes of some of the most popular songs ever.

 I think the show has a few episodes that are a little too sexed up for me and not very realistic, but it’s television and the music is a blast.

 Chuck: Quite possibly one of my favorite shows ever. Chuck ended in 2012 but all of the seasons are available on Netflix. The show takes a largely tongue-in-cheek look at the spy life when computer geek Chuck Bartowski accidentally downloads government secrets into his brain.

The show has a whacky cast of fun characters and one liners. With awesome guest appearances from the likes of Matt Bomer, Linda Hamilton, Rachel Bilson, Nicole Richie, Scott Bakula, Chevy Chase, Brandon Routh and Timothy Dalton it’s a lot of fun playing guess the guest star.

Do you have any guilty pleasure shows? Share your recommendations in the comments so I… I mean we can some new shows to check out.

Photo Credit:  Thinkstock