5 Super Green Activities For Kids

Everyone has a role to play when it comes to protecting the earth. You can introduce your children to green activities and help them learn ways to preserve the environment. They will also enjoy being in natural surroundings. Here are five super green activities you can engage in.

Shop at Farmers’ Market

Shopping at the farmers’ market is a fun and green activity that you can enjoy with your baby. Look for a market in your area and carry your child along the next time you need to stock up on groceries. This is an opportunity to get produce directly from farmers. The groceries you get at the farmers’ market are the tastiest and freshest. There is no shipping or preservation involved. You can enjoy tasting the different produce with your baby without worrying about chemical exposure. In addition, foods offered at farmers’ markets are seasonal and this means you get the best of everything including sweet corn and pumpkin. Your baby will enjoy seeing the bright colors and you can even let them handle the produce.

Go Hiking

Take your child along when you go hiking. This is a chance for you to be in nature. Your child will enjoy the different environment and sounds. The fresh air is also good for them because you do not have to think about exhaust fumes from vehicles during a hike. All you have to do is dress them appropriately for the weather and ensure you have adequate fluids and food to ensure they are well fed throughout the hike. You also need a good baby carrier to keep your child comfortable as you hike.

Start a Garden

Create a garden in your backyard if there is adequate space. This will allow your child to play with the different flowers and plants. It also teaches them the value of taking care of plants when they are young. You can even plant some herbs and vegetables to use for your meals. If you do not have a backyard, you can visit garden stores to allow your baby to explore the different plants. Some of the stores have butterflies to entertain your child.

Prepare Homemade Meals

Another super green baby activity you can engage in is preparing homemade meals. This great bonding opportunity allows you to offer your child the freshest foods. Let your child handle the different fruits and vegetables as you prepare meals. You can also allow them to taste some of them after they are cleaned. It will cost you less to prepare meals in your home as opposed to buying them in the supermarket. You will also protect the environment because you do not have a lot of plastic cans and packaging to throw away when preparing meals.


Teach your child how to recycle at a young age. Involve them when you are separating your garbage for recycling. This will help them learn where each type of rubbish should go. You can also explain what you are doing to help them understand why it is necessary to recycle.

What are some of your favorite green activities?