Great Jobs For Pregnant Women

While some women are lucky enough to have their employers let them work from home while awaiting the delivery of their young ones, others only get a few weeks or months off work or, end up losing their positions. But as you already know, pregnancy requires a lot of freedom. You’ll need ample time to cater for the morning sickness, go for doctor’s appointments, relax, go shopping and not mentioning those endless visits to the bathroom. This means one thing: If pregnant and in need of a job, the best job that you can have is one that pays well and, one that guarantees this kind of freedom. In this regard, the top four great jobs for pregnant women include:


Believe it or not, blogging is yet another outstanding job that pregnant women can get into. One smart way of blogging would be to start a parenting blog whereby you write about your experiences and have other parents contribute. Since parenting is a permanent job, you can continue blogging long after you have had your baby. In terms of payments, you can make a decent income from posting affiliate links or including advertisements on and about young kids, parents and pregnant women, like diapers, clothes, toys and formula.


If you have a rich academic background, becoming an online tutor would similarly be a great job for you. Basically, all you need is outstanding knowledge on a given subject such as Physics, Math or Languages. Then, whenever you are available, you can be helping thousands of students from all around the globe become better in their academics. The best thing about tutoring is that you can choose your hours as well as how much you intend to be charging for your classes.

Writing and Wen Content Job:

If you have good research and grammar skills, then, making it as an online or freelance writer or web content creator shouldn’t be a problem. As of today, there are countless sites that pay really well for your articles. The topics are so diverse hence giving you a chance to choose ones that best complement your skills and interests. Most importantly, this kind of job enables you to work on your schedule hence, no pressure.

Virtual Assistant:

This is one of the most highly in demand jobs in the market. As such, if you possess exceptional computer and administrative skills, you will realize just how well this kind of job pays. What’s more is that you don’t need prior experience though if you have previously worked as an administrative or personal assistant; you’ll tackle it with ease. You can find this kind of job from different online job sites.

In a nutshell, these opportunities will enable you have abundant time as you prepare to welcome the baby, a stress-free pregnancy and, enough cash to take care of all your needs.

Do you know of other great jobs for pregnant women?