Good Gifts for Teachers! (National Teacher Appreciation Day Is…Um, Sunday)

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You know why we need a National Teacher Appreciation Day? Because nobody even cared enough to place that special day on a school day. How difficult would it have been to have said that National Teacher Appreciation Day was, for example, the first Monday of the year? Instead, the day falls on April 7th. That’s a Sunday this year.  [photo via edudemic]

The good news is that this gives you an entire weekend to do some shopping. Yes, we forgot about National Teacher Appreciation Day, too. Now we can get around to buying something to thank our kids’ teachers for all their hard work…

Gift Ideas for Teacher
  • Tea Time – When the long school day is over and your teacher is tired, a nice cup of tea may help relax her. This Cup of Tea gift basket from would make a wonderful gift for any special teacher in your life.
  • Monogrammed Mugs – To start the day off right, give the teacher that’s done so much a monogrammed mug from for her morning coffee. These elegant and simple mugs add a personal touch that shows your appreciation.
  • Carry-All – Your teacher carries many things to and from school every day. Make carrying things easier with a stylish tote bag from You can make this gift more personal by including a good book for her to read.
  • Stay Organized – Give your teacher the gift of organization with the Desk Egg. Teacher’s desks are notorious for being cluttered and unorganized, so she’ll appreciate the beauty and functionality of this magnetic egg.
  • Homemade Treats – Nothing says you care more than if you and your child spend time in the kitchen whipping up an edible treat for the teacher. Try this recipe for chocolate-peanut butter fudge bars and present them in a basket covered in colored cellophane and tied with a ribbon. The teacher will be thrilled that you took the time.

Teachers spend a great deal of time with your children – sometimes even more than you do. It takes a lot of patience and understanding to deal with so many young people all at once, so National Teacher Appreciation Day is your chance to let your child’s teacher know that he or she is doing a great job and you’re thankful for their efforts. So don’t let this much-deserved holiday go by without letting a teacher know they are appreciated–even if they’ve placed the teacher’s special day on a weekend.