Toy Company GoldieBlox Releases Powerful Video

Toy companies everywhere are getting ready for the holiday season, and the popular GoldieBlox is no different.

But instead of cutesy advertisements and commercials, the company decided to stick to their core values release an incredibly powerful video.

Basically, an assembly line of little girls dressed in pink high heels and fur vests takes off, while “Big Sister” over the television screens repeats “you are beauty, and beauty is perfection.” All of the girls on the line then pick up a Barbie Doll that is dressed very similar to them. That is until a young girl wearing pink Converse sneakers decides to break free. She then smashes the entire system with a hammer, powerfully ending the stereotypes girls are subjected to at such a young age.

At the end of video, we see that GoldieBlox has action figures for young girls, who are nothing like Barbie.

The video has gone viral, as it should, and the company released a statement saying it’s about time show girls that they are more than pretty faces.  “Let’s work together to get girls building the futures they deserve. Our girls are so much more than pretty faces.”

Watch the video below, and head over to GoldieBlox for more.

What do you think of GoldieBlox’s message?