11 Ways To Encourage Your Child To Wear His/Her Glasses

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It’s not uncommon for parents to have to buy glasses for kids. Yet, your little one may not be so keen on the idea even if it is for his or her own good. Here are 11 ideas to help you get your children to wear their glasses.

  • If your child takes their glasses off, be sure you put them back on in a firm, but loving manner. If a child learns that he or she can control whether or not the glasses are worn, you may lose the battle.
  • Let your child help select the frame. Pick a few different frames that you find suitable and then let the child pick the one they like best.
  • Be positive. Make glasses “cool” for your child to wear and point out pictures of people the child looks up to such as sports stars, actors or even cartoon characters who are wear glasses. If you wear glasses be sure to put yours on whenever you want the child to wear theirs.
  • Check the fit of the glasses. Glasses that are poorly fitted can easily slip and slide down and become useless to the child. Or if they are too tight, they can pinch the child’s nose or ears, prompting the child to hate wearing them. Avoid straps that keep glasses on — usually they just make matters worse.
  • Start off slowly. Have your child wear their glasses for short periods of time during enjoyable activities. The idea is to distract the child with amusing activities so the glasses are forgotten. For example, use the glasses when your child is watching their favorite video, coloring, or reading. It’s also important to choose a time when the child is rested and in a good mood to start them wearing their glasses.
  • Pick activities where the glasses will make the biggest difference in your child’s ability to see. Try taking the glasses off to show the child how much better things look with them on.
  • Make glasses a part of your child’s daily routine. Put them on in the morning after the child is dressed and remove them before bedtime.
  • Let teachers know the child’s prescribed wearing schedule so they can help you reinforce the positive aspects of wearing the glasses and not let the child get away with taking the glasses off.
  • Offer your child books about children wearing glasses. There are a great many out there including the Harry Potter series.
  • Pick an activity that your child enjoys doing with you — one for which the child’s glasses will help. Make it a “special time” together so that your child associates wearing glasses with a happy experience. Put your child’s glasses on at the start of the activity. If your child takes their glasses off, stop the activity. Slowly increase the length of the activity or break it up into two sessions.

Getting a reluctant child to wear glasses is not always easy but it can be done. Persevere! And don’t worry if it takes weeks, or maybe even months, before your child is happy to keep his or her glasses on.

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