Giuliana Rancic Puts Her Kid Second! [VIDEO]

E! News Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic  is an anchor on E! News for the E! Network, and co-hosts red carpet events for award shows, and she also runs her own health, fitness, and beauty website. We’re also pretty sure that the former Miss Maryland has some kind of reality show about her adventures with her husband Bill. That all sounds like it can keep a gal pretty busy. But, you know, Giuliana and Bill have a great marriage, because that marriage is a priority over their baby. That’s what she’s recently explained to an interviewer who might have had some kind of old-fashioned idea that an infant child shouldn’t be the top priority in a household.

To be fair, Giuliana might be onto something. We know a few marriages that have suffered because the couples was concentrating too much on the baby and not enough on their own emotional needs. But they didn’t have a nanny, or all of the other fun things that really wealthy married couples have so they can concentrate on their marriage. How nice for Giuliana and her husband. Oh, well. Now we probably just sound bitter. Besides, Giuliana is a cancer survivor, so it’s not like she’s had it really easy. Listen to the story as told by this enthused Englishman, and maybe it’ll sound like a nicer story…