Giuliana and Bill Rancic Baptize Their Celebrity Babe

[image via dailymail]

It’s been a very public life for Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill, as the reality-show couple worked out their struggle to have children in front of the cameras. It certainly got a lot of attention when their son Duke was born via surrogate in August. Looks like Duke will be growing up in the spotlight, too. As reported by the Daily Mail, it was a very public spectacle when Duke was baptized in a recent ceremony in Los Angeles. You might find yourself feeling touched by this celeb couple, though. They’re hardly living a perfect life. Don’t forget that Giuliana was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now it looks like Giuliana is in great shape to keep up with her very busy life hosting E! News while continuing all of her reality commitments. She’s also a popular hostess on the red-carpet, and we’re going into the busy awards season soon. “But,” you might say, “I have plenty of reality commitments myself.” And that’s true–but at least take comfort that their Twitterpics of Duke don’t look any better than what we can manage…