How To Make An On-The-Go Gift Wrapping Kit

Do you ever find yourself in a bind at the last minute when someone has a special day that calls for a gift? Carley Knobloch of Smart, Simple, Solved is here to tell you about how to make a car-friendly gift wrapping kit for gifts on the go.

Take a large binder and fill it with page protectors and pockets. Supply the pockets with scissors, tape dispenser, and glue dots. Have a separate pocket for gift tags, ribbons and metallic tape. Paint markers in white or metallic colors are great because they can write on any surface.

Add wrapping paper, envelopes and flat boxes that do not require you to wrap anything at all. Use things that are flat and fit neatly in the binder, and use colors that are gender and age neutral. Bold colors and stripes always work and craft paper is a timeless look.

Place the binder in a tote bag along with a cutting mat for a strong surface to work on. If you keep this in your trunk, you will always be ready for those unexpected moments. So the next time you need to wrap a last minute gift in your car, you will have everything you need.

Will you make this nifty gift wrapping kit?