These 3 Out Of The Box Gift Wrapping Ideas Are Gifts In Itself!

Meg DeAngelis of HGTV Handmade is excited to tell you all about three out of the box gift wrapping ideas that are gifts in itself. If wrapping presents is getting boring to you, try these gift wrapping ideas to make it a little bit more fun. If you like this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe.

Try making your gift bag look like a Christmas symbol by wrapping a small gift in a piece of brown mesh material, tie a bow around it and stick some pipe cleaners in the top to look like deer antlers. Use a Sharpie to draw some eyes or purchase the ready made goggly eyes.Felt material cut into a little heart is perfect for a nose, which is glued on with a glue stick. Give your reindeer a cool name and there you have it.

Make the wrapping apart of the present by making everything the same color. You can choose an oven mitt and fill it with matching utensils. Tie a bow around it and you’re done. Cute for stocking stuffers.

Put a hint outside of the gift bag that reflex what the real gift is. If there is a mug in the bad, use a teabag as a gift tag.

Do you have any cute gift wrapping ideas?