Festive Snowman Gift Wrapping Adds A Wintry Touch To Your Gifts

Looking for a unique gift wrapping idea? In the video above, Meg Allan Cole of HGTV Handmade shows how you to make a fluffy pom pom snowman gift topper. These are great for Christmas gifts as well as any winter season celebration.

You will need white yarn, pom pom makers of various sizes, scissors, twine or thread, and black and orange markers.

Make three pom poms in different sizes with the pom pom makers by using the white yarn. Open one side of the pom pom maker and wrap the yarn around it until it’s full. Close one side and repeat on the other side. Now cut into the reservoir with scissors on both sides while it is closed, tie a piece of yarn around the whole thing inside the reservoir. Pop open the pom pom maker to set the pom pom free. Proceed to give it a trim with scissors making sure it looks even all over.

Place the pom poms on your package to create your design. Thread a needle with twine and take it through all three pom poms to secure them together. Use the markers to draw your background to make the snowman complete. If you can’t draw, create cutouts. Tie a knot in the back of the package to hold your snowman down, and you are done.

Will you give this gift wrapping idea a try?