Ways To Say “Thank You” for “Thank You, School Librarian!” Day

Gifts for School Librarian Appreciation Day

Every day should be “Thank You, School Librarian” Day–mostly because then we get more time to shop for our school librariant. As it is, this Friday is School Librarian Day. That’s still a better deal than teachers got when Teacher Appreciation Day fell on a Sunday. Anyway, school librarians play a huge role in children’s abilities to read and read well. Even in the Information Age and with the advent of e-readers, nothing will ever replace books. Holding a real book in our hands is the cornerstone of education and advancement and our school librarians are often the ones who hold open the first door to our experience with books.  [photo via freedigitalphotos]

Here are some stylish yet inexpensive ways to show your appreciation for your School Librarian–and don’t worry if the gift arrives a little late. Heck, you can always present it as a gift for the end of the school semester, which is coming up faster than you think…

Charmed, I’m Sure!

For just $12 you can give your school librarian a whimsical librarian glasses necklace. The pendant captures the classic style of the “traditional” librarian’s glasses. It’s simple, not overstated and reflects the timeless nature of the librarian’s role in schools. Give this to any school librarian who has ever helped you or your kids scope out the perfect book for a report or research project.

Something Old, Something New

It is all too obvious that technology is changing the way we do everything, even the way we read. E-readers have become all the rage and they perform a variety of tasks. Does your school librarian have an iPad for work or play? Then consider getting him or her one of the protective cases from OutOfPrintClothing.com. They have a wide selection of iPad cases decorated with reproductions of classic first editions like our favorite, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The particular appeal of this cover is the scholarly-looking lion, a nod to the traditional bespectacled caricature of the librarian.

“From All of Us”

If you are a teacher looking for a way for your entire class to say, “Thank you!” to your school librarian this year, consider these elegant but simple Dewey Decimal Silver Bookmarks. They come in sets of twelve and, for an average-sized classroom, they can be had for about $5 per student. For the cost of a greeting card, students can pitch in for a wonderful gift that will last a lifetime.

It’s In the Bag!

Finally, what’s the one thing that librarians never have enough of? If you answered, “tote bags” you’re correct. It’s true: take note sometime of the seam-splitting torture your average librarian’s bag goes through. Whether she (or he) uses it to lug a personal collection around or just uses it to carry a few books back to the shelves without pushing around a huge cart, this gift says that you notice. Cafepress.com has a wonderful store with all kinds of librarian-themed gifts including this totally cute yet durable tote bag. Not crazy about the idea of the bag? Take a look at the rest of the store for all kinds of ideas.