Getting Ready for Back-to-School

back to school

Summer is slowly winding down with schools across the country prepping to head back indoors over the next three weeks. If you are anything like our family your kids have gotten a little lax with the sleeping schedule, or any schedule for that matter. To help ease the transition of getting back to school and avoid the first-day-of-school melt down, start getting your little ones back in gear now.

Getting Ready for Back to School

Bedtime Routine: Summer means late nights, late mornings and a lot of leeway with meal times. We find ourselves hanging out at the park until 9 because the sun stays up later and not really winding down for the night until around 10. When our kids have to get up at 7:30 for school, it’s going to be a nightmare! The cure: reinstating a structured bedtime routine. For us, it means television off by 6 with dinner shortly thereafter. Showers immediately after dinner with quiet family time and a snack before the kids head into bed by 8:30. Getting the kids to actually fall asleep will take a little time, but if you keep the house quiet and encourage them to read quietly, they’re bodies will eventually adjust to the new schedule.

Rise and Shine: To help our (mommy’s are probably a little guilty with the sleeping in too!), set your alarm clock to when you’ll be getting up in the morning once school starts. Get your kids up and out of bed too. Have them eat breakfast and get dressed for the day before they head outside for the last dregs of summer. An easy way to keep things moving in the morning is to have your kids pick out what they want to wear the night before and set it on their dresser. Have them get dressed and brush their teeth before they head out for breakfast.

Backpacks at the ready: To avoid the last minute stress of the first week of school, plan ahead. Head out and purchase school supplies as early as possible. Get backpacks in order a week before school, fill out any paperwork and prepay for school lunches, if possible. Many school districts provide the year’s schedule ahead of time. Check their website for vacation dates and planned holidays and get your calendar ready for the year.

A little tidying: Now is also a great time to clean out the trunk, front closet and entry way. Organize the entry way with hooks and a basket for easy backpack deposits. You may also want to hang a white board in this area so you can keep track of notes, permission slips and projects.

The last thing on the list: enjoy the last few weeks of freedom. Get out of the house and head to the park, the zoo or a movie with your kids to celebrate the beginning of a new year.

Do you have other ideas for getting ready for back to school?

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