Makeup Hacks: Getting More out of your Makeup

makeup hacks

I love makeup. It didn’t used to be that way. I hated doing my makeup, mostly because I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I didn’t even start wearing eye liner until college because I was afraid I’d poke myself in the eyeball. For some reason after having kids I’ve started relishing my makeup routine. Maybe it’s because I get five minutes a day to spend to myself or maybe it’s the daily reminder that I’m still a woman, even if I’m covered in dust and kid fingerprints all the time.

I’ve become slightly obsessed with makeup hacks, getting more out of my makeup. Whether it’s more makeup for less money or more makeup done in a shorter amount of time. If you’re looking for some easy ways to get more for your makeup, here are a few of my favorite tips:

Loose powder is a godsend: Loose eye shadow powder is a miracle worker. You can use it on your eyes (obviously) and it’s usually bolder and more sparkly, so you use less. But, my favorite thing: you can use it to make lip gloss. Simply mix a tiny bit of Vaseline with some of the loose powder and apply to lips. (I usually mix it on the top of my hand or you could use a small dish) Presto. It’s my new go-to when I’m bored with the lip gloss I have.

Add drops of water to make your mascara last longer: When my mascara starts getting a bit dry or clumpy, I just add a few drops of water to the tube and pump. It pulls the excess mascara from the sides of the tube. I can usually get my mascara to last two more weeks doing this. (You can also use saline solution).

Make cheap eyeliner work for you:  If you have a supply of those stick- eyeliners that create super hard lines on your eyes and usually take a layer of skin off your eyelid every time you use it, you can soften it up and get a smudgier eye shadow in less than one minute. Hold the tip of the eye liner up to a lit match or lighter for a seconds or two. Let cool for another 15 seconds. When you apply it you will have a gel liner that’s easier to apply and easier to smudge.

Smokey eye in 10 seconds: I have never been able to master the smokey eye. This new trick helps a ton. Take your favorite eye liner and draw a hashtag (#) at the outside corner of your eye. It should be tall enough to reach from just below your eyebrow to the top of your eyelashes. Use the other end of your eyeliner (or a smudge brush) and smudge out the hashtag for an easy smokey eye.

Cheap makeup remover: My skin is a bit sensitive, also I’m pretty cheap and really lazy when it comes to taking off my makeup. A simple solution: baby wipes. When I’m in a rush (most of the time…), I just use a baby wipe to take off my makeup at night. It takes less than a minute. Buy unscented wipes if your face is prone to breakouts.

Do you have any makeup hacks that you use?

Photo Credit:  Thinkstock