Getting Organized In 2013: What To Keep By The Door

How many times have all of us found ourselves conducting that frantic search for the things we need to get ourselves out the door for a productive day? We lose our keys, wallets, purses, cell phone. You know what I mean: the kids are off to school; for once you’re ahead of your game and think you will just be able to stroll out that door when it becomes time to get to work or appointments or what have you. The point is that this never happens when you want to go for a leisurely walk. It happens when it creates an inconvenience. Here are a few things I do to keep track of the things I need so I don’t (normally) find myself in that particular mess.  [lead image: gethub; key: freedigitalphotos]

“A Place for Everything…”

“…and everything in its place.” It’s an old adage but it really is sage advice. The best way to keep track of anything is to make sure it always goes in the same place. If you put it there all the time, you always know where you put it.

Install a hook board near the door. Have one hook for each family member’s house keys, car keys and spares. Have an accent table by the door with a decorative basket for wallets.

Maintain a central area for charging electronics. Keep your phone, tablet and other mobile devices in the same place and you can grab everything at once.


I know… easier said than done, right? However, think about it: if you walk in the door and throw your gloves on the chair, your coat over the back of the couch and kick off your shoes with no thought to where they’re going, you won’t remember where everything is when you need it.

We are all creatures of habit. We generally do things by routine. So, at the end of the day, instead of simply throwing off that coat and gloves, have a place for them in the closet. Hang a drawstring bag from a hook or rod for gloves or other small articles. If it’s too much of a hassle riffling through a bag, use a shoebox and keep it below eye level if possible.

Keep the shoes you commonly wear throughout the week on the closet floor. A hook rack to hold purses would also work well in this space since you’re likely to need it most on your way out the door.

Roll Out Roll Call

 Before you leave the house, do a final check. Stand by the door and check off in your head everything you are going to need: keys, wallet or purse, phone, glasses, etc. You know your habits and the things you need to get through the day. So before you roll out of the driveway, call roll on the essentials. If they’re close by and always in the same place, you won’t start your day with stress.