GAME REVIEW: Rory’s Story Cubes!

rory's story cubes game review

Rory’s Story Cubes are geared to ages 8 to 12, with the intention of helping the player become a creative story teller. See, it’s educational. It can be played alone or with others. What’s especially great about this game is that there are no wrong answers and everyone wins. It’s just pure storytelling with some helpful prompts. Players roll the cubes and, based upon the pictures on the cubes, create a story that is only limited by his or her imagination. That’s actually a huge boon for parents, too, since a lot of us have blanked out when our kids have looked up and innocently said, “Tell me a story.”

The biggest problem with Rory’s Story Cubes is that they’re not reaching their entire audience. This game (which sounds more fun than “exercise”) is really ideal for just about any age. We’ve seen 5-year-olds have a blast with it–although the story can get a little disjointed. Young children still love the Story Cubes, and it’s a lot of fun for adults to hear the silly (yet creative) stories. Kids can play with these for hours on end. We’d love to say it works with older children, too, but it seems that anyone over 10 years old (who isn’t a parent) seems to get bored pretty quickly.

And since this is going to work best for younger kids, we’re happy to note that the cubes are well made and the cardboard storage box is sturdy with a magnetic closure. Rory’s Story Cubes are easily portable and great for car trips–and perfect for any time your young child is going to have to sit around and wait. Make sure you can keep track of the cubes, and you’ll have a great alternative to the inevitable sight of them killing time by twiddling with a video game player.