This Week’s Funniest Kid Videos

weeks funniest kid videos

Every week and, in fact, every day and every hour, folks from all over the world post their videos or video compilations to YouTube, hoping that their video will go viral and lead them down the road to fame. There’s no shortage of videos of kids from baby to teenager.

But a great many of these videos are simply not funny or charming or endearing. To help save you the time and trouble of searching out the weeks funniest kid videos, we’ve picked a couple of our favorites. And here they are!

Rescue Dog Saves Kid From Impending Water Fun

In this cute moment caught on video, the action opens with unseen adults saying “good boy, good boy” as a black Labrador retriever named Onyx “rescues” a rubber raft from the river and drops it on the beach when told to do so. But the “good boys” quickly turn to peals of laughter from the adults as Onyx decides to “rescue” the family’s little boy who is safely ensconced in a life jacket—he’s clearly in no danger whatsoever!

In his valiant efforts to save the boy, Onyx manages to flip him upside down in the water and then quickly flip him face up while dragging the bewildered little boy onto the shore. With the adults both laughing and telling Onyx to “drop it” at the same time, the dog continues in his duty until the little boy is safely hauled well onto the beach, looking, oh, just a tad befuddled.

Published on September 16, this video received more than 1.5 million views in less than five full days and had more than 2,000 “Likes.” This one is worth checking out!

 Funny Babies Eating Ice Cream Compilation

Who doesn’t like ice cream? You’d have to be crazy, right? Well, apparently babies who are being first introduced to a scoop don’t find it so pleasant. The faces the babies make are just adorable as well as hilarious. Multiple attempts at getting the kids to like ice cream often backfire with hilarious responses from the babies.

Even funnier, though, can be the comments the parents make as well as their laughter. Some choice parental comments:

What did you do to me mom? (An ad lib from a parent).

No more sugar until you’re 5!

In one clip, the father looks at the baby and says “Ba ba ba ba ba” and the baby mimics him. When the baby does, the father slyly slips a bit more ice cream into the baby’s open mouth. The baby’s dismayed reaction is hilarious, including his simple refusal to close his mouth. You’ll just have to watch it to understand!

Which of these funny kid videos is your favorite?