Kids Will Love These Fun Shaped Sandwiches For Lunchtime

Above, presents a fun way to get kids to eat healthy. Kids will love these fun sandwiches for kids at lunchtime!

To prepare, the first step is to get the veggies ready. Then, use a cookie cutter to cut the bread and cheese into cool shapes. Any cookie cutter will do!

The next step is to prepare a take-along lunch tray with sections for the sandwich, veggies and fruit. The video also suggests using hummus as a substitute for mayonnaise as it is a much healthier alternative to the normal condiment.

They place the hummus and some raw veggies in one of the sections of the lunch tray. Then place some sliced strawberries in the other section for dessert. Any fruit will do. Next layer the bread, cheese, roasted turkey and sandwich veggies and top with another piece of bread.

The video then shows how to pack it all up with a plastic utensil for on the go eating.

All a kid has to do is spread some hummus on the bread, and have a fun shaped sandwich for lunchtime kids will love!

Helpful tip: Use the left over bread to make homemade croutons or bread crumbs.

Will you try to make these fun sandwiches for kids?