Four Books To Find For Find-A-Rainbow Day!

Rainbows are colorful and magical. They hold promise for better days ahead and what might be at the end. The fact that they only show themselves after a storm adds to the mystery of their origin, and makes them a fascinating subject for young children. April 3rd  is National Find a Rainbow Day–but if the weather isn’t cooperating where you are, then spend some time with your kids reading about rainbows. This list of children’s books is full of colorful pictures and lots of fun information about rainbows to satisfy even the most curious minds.

What Makes A Rainbow

What Makes a Rainbow? By Betty Ann Schwartz; Illustrated by Dona Turner

With each turn of the page, a rainbow forms color by color. Children have fun learning the colors of the rainbow as they follow along with the cute animals. Learning what makes a rainbow is anything but typical in this book. (Recommended for ages 0-3 years)


 The Leprechaun Who Lost His Rainbow

The Leprechaun Who Lost His Rainbow By Sean Callahan; Illustrated by Nancy Cote

Toddlers through kindergarten aged children will find this book thought-provoking and inspiring as they follow along with the story as a young girl helps a leprechaun build a rainbow. Because she’s willing to give up some of her favorite things in order for the sun to shine on her grandfather playing his bagpipes in the St. Patrick’s Day parade, she finds she’s able to build a better relationship with him and help the leprechaun. (Recommended for ages 3-6 years)


The Rainbow Goblins

The Rainbow Goblins By Ul De Rico

This story may be a bit too much for younger children, but kindergarten to second grade seems to be just about right. This imaginative, mystical story takes children on a journey to find out why rainbows don’t touch the ground. This book teaches lessons in not being too greedy and preserving nature and encourages post-reading discussion. (Recommended for ages 4-8 years)


The Magic School Bus Makes a Rainbow A Book About Color

 The Magic School Bus Makes a Rainbow: A Book About Color By Joanna Cole; Illustrated by Carolyn Braken and Bruce Degan

Miss Frizzle and her students take a magic school bus ride through a pinball machine on a wild bet with the principal. Along the way they find out how light splits along wavelengths and how different objects reflect different color light. This is a must-read for Magic School Bus fans. (Recommended for ages 4-8)