Flying With Kids: See What Other Moms Dread!

flying pie chart moms

We all love vacations, but plenty of moms dread taking their kids along for a flight. Personally, we’ve found that kids do better on planes the earlier they start flying–and we’re pretty sure that we’ve never given an involuntary deep sigh when a family with a young child has sat down next to us. We’re also kind of proud that we still have anxiety about how our children will act on a flight. The alternative is to be an oblivious mom, right?

Or maybe there’s some kind of balance. The folks at the travel site have finished a survey of moms who travel with kids, and that pie chart above sums up a few things that make mothers worry on airplanes–and plenty of it is internally directed. And here are a few more fun facts–although we think that opening statistic sounds kind of privileged. See for yourself where you stand amongst moms traveling with children…

  • 72% of moms believe airlines do not always adequately cater to families traveling with children
  • 51% believe it is unacceptable for airlines to ban parents with elite status or tickets from bringing young children into first-class airport lounges
  • 30% did not like airline decisions to prevent children from sitting in certain seat rows
  • 69% were unhappy about the elimination of pre-boarding for families traveling with little ones.
  • The majority of moms (65%) believe there is a negative stigma attached to flying with children
  • Many moms with young children have already flown more than 10 times with their child: 24% of moms with children age 5 and under, and 35% with children in elementary school
  • 64% of moms will likely be flying with their child/children in 2013