Flip Your Mattress Day–And More Household Maintenance!

Flip Your Mattress Day May 15, 2013

Please join us in observing Flip Your Mattress Day this May 15. Yes, it’s not glamorous, but this day is a great reminder for us about the oft-forgotten benefits of basic household maintenance–including flipping your mattress.  Sometimes we all need a little reminder to jog our memories on these not-so-frequent chores! Read on for a list of non-weekly household chores you should always remember…  [photo via flickr]

Flip your mattress. Some say you should flip your mattress once a week, but in reality, a more practical goal would be to get this out of the way at least once a month. This is important for maintaining your bed’s firmness and extending the life of your mattress. If you purchased your mattress within the last five to ten years, it’s also possible that you have a pillow top or one-sided bed that isn’t meant to be flipped. In this case, it’s good practice to turn the bed sideways 180 degrees so that you’ve swapped the head and foot of the bed.

Test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Do this once a month to ensure that your alarms are in working order. Change the fire alarms’ batteries twice a year. A good time to do this is when you change the clocks for Daylight Savings Time, so that you won’t forget. This is an oft-overlooked detail, but it’s extremely important: studies show that the majority of fire deaths occur at night, while homeowners are sleeping. Don’t pass this chore up—it can save your life. Paramount Management & Realty says this can often go overlooked in rental properties and warns landlords and property managers to test their alarms regularly.

Check your refrigerator. No, we’re not asking if it’s running. One thing you’ll want to be sure to check is the airtight seal on the doors; close them on a paper dollar and see if you can pull it out easily. If you can, you may need to have the door latch adjusted or the seal replaced. This keeps electricity costs down and keeps your food the correct temperature, allowing it to stay fresher. If you have a coil-back refrigerator, vacuum the coils at least twice a year.

Clean your stove. Check the range-hood filter and replace if needed. Be sure that all the burners are off and remove any detachable parts, setting them aside to soak in warm, soapy water. Spray your cleaner of choice onto the stovetop and let it sit for at least five minutes. Also, be sure that the cleaner is appropriate for your type of stove—some kinds can be abrasive when used on certain surfaces. Wipe the stove down with a damp sponge and spray and repeat if needed. If soap and water aren’t enough to get those detachable parts clean, try using a little of the cleaner on those too.

These chores are all important home maintenance you should do about once a month. Will you get started on your spring cleaning on National Flip Your Mattress Day too?